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Classical guitarists need a highly adjustable music stand. The classical guitarist plays sitting and in order for the performer to see the sheet music, it is necessary for the stand to be at a proper height. The average stand height varies from performer to performer. Neverthe less keep on mind that:

In order to play the classical guitar, it is necessary for the performer to have a music stand they can easily see while they are playing. The player is in sitting position by default and the stand needs to be at an appropriate height, so that the performer can see their sheet music easily

Luckily, there is a perfect solution for you. A foldable, easy-to-install and fold back. Music Sheet Stand by V3VOGUE is lightweight and perfect for all occasions. It is an excellent tool for musicians of all levels. Never go searching for a stand again. This sturdy, foldable, and easily adjustable stand is perfect for any space or desk. The natural bamboo board is durable and resistant to scratches so you can focus on what counts: your music.

When you are on your computer and need to do a recording you may need your phone to be around, your music, and of course your microphones. this can get pretty messy sometimes but V3VOGUE has it all in one

The most helpful feature of this stand is that it comes with Microphone Stand, a Phone Tablet Stand 3-in-1 with Dual Microphone Clip, a Phone Tablet Clip, and Carrying Bag. This allows you to use the music stand on stage, quickly transform it into a mic or tablet stand, or all at a time when you do your recording.

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